A Proud History

In 1974, Carl Wegner purchased a 350-acre farm in central Wisconsin to escape the city. He and his wife Jane commuted to Milwaukee, WI each day before founding Wegner Automotive in 1975 in a machine shed in their back yard. Originally, it was just one man and his passion to do each project greater than the last one. Flanked by a few friends working part-time, Carl worked on everything from local hot rods to pickup trucks and even an occasional farm tractor. As his reputation grew, so did the list of customers. The demand for Wegner Engines has fueled a growth process that continues today. Wegner Automotive, formally known as Wegner Motorsports or Wegner Automotive Research, now employs just over 20 people and occupies more than 25,000 square feet in the original backyard with no end in sight...

Wegner Engines have competed in nearly every NASCAR division. Most notably winning multiple championships in the BUSCH Grand National series. Wegner short track Engines have won championships on asphalt and dirt throughout the United States. Wegner Engines have found success in many road race venues also. With the addition of a number of CNC machines, we not only refine our performance engines but now also manufacture many of the parts used on our engines as well as an entire line of product available to consumers. After 45 years, Wegner Automotive is still growing, changing, and searching for ways to be a bigger, better, and faster-fueled company.

Some of Our Customers

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Roadster Shop


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Metal Works Classics


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Texas Speed and Performance