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+1200HP 427ci Magnuson 2650TVS Supercharged Engine!

The Magnuson "Hot Rod" 2650TVS is a notorious supercharger that offers massive potential for high horsepower and torque numbers. This Wegner built 427ci LS7 Magnuson 2650TVS supercharged engine went through multiple days of dyno testing and pulley ratio adjustments to take advantage of that potential and the dyno results did not disappoint; 1204 horsepower and 1113 torque on E85! Engineered, fully assembled, and dyno tested all in house by our experts. 


The following list includes high performance components chosen by the Wegner team for this street engine: 

  • Magnuson "Hot Rod" 2650TVS supercharger
  • Dart Iron LS SHP PRO block
  • Callies Magnum 8 counterweight Crank
  • Boostline Rods
  • Mahle SC Forged Pistons
  • Bullet SC Wegner Spec Camshaft
  • Morrel Lifters
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Wegner CNC ported LS7 6 bolt heads
  • ARP Studs
  • Manley Titanium Intake Valves and Inconel Exhaust Valves
  • Manley Dual Valve Springs w/ Ti Retainers
  • GM LS7 Rockers with CHE Trunnion Bushings
  • Comp Cams Push Rods
  • Wegner WAK074 Magnuson 2650 Front Drive Kit - Black finish
  • Wegner 2pc custom logo engraved Hidden Coil Valve covers
  • Holley Dominator ECU and Harnesses


Want to see this Wegner powerplant in action? Check out our newest YouTube video below capturing the epic dyno run! Let us know what you think in the comment section!